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Some prohibitions and laws of other countries are so absurd that they seem more like a joke than a reality. But do not check their effect on yourself – fines will be not only quite real, but also quite noticeable for your wallet. For what reasons can the police in different countries of the world detain a tourist?

  1. Charging the phone in a British train.

Passenger Robin Lee was riding in a British train and decided to recharge his smartphone. When he stepped onto the platform, law enforcement officials were already waiting for him. The passenger was taken to the station and charged with the theft of electricity.

The Law on the appropriation of electricity is valid not only in England, but also in Wales, and in Ireland. Malicious offenders can receive a prison term of up to 5 years.

Before using the outlet in a public place, check with the employees of the institution that it possible to do this. And do not connect to outlets that have the words “Not for general use.”

  1. Walking in a swimsuit along the Spanish streets.

Since 2011, fines of at least $145 have been imposed in Barcelona for walking along the street in a swimsuit. If in this form you defile in Mallorca, then you will be charged about $610.

  1. A game of small ghosts in Portsmouth.

It’s a very real case: a resident of Portsmouth was fined $92 for coming to the cemetery in a ghost costume, and during the funeral ceremony he scared people – he ran, waved his hands and characteristically howled.

So a little joke cost the comedian almost a hundred dollars.

  1. Profanity in South Carolina.

If you like to turn a strong word into your speech, then choose a different state of residence – in South Carolina, foul language is not welcome.

Any obscene expressions in public places are equated with hooliganism. Whether a hammer fell on your foot or you are too annoyed with something, we recommend that you choose a literary synonym for the familiar expression that first comes to mind.

So, the mother of two daughters was arrested for swearing at her children.

  1. Driving a car in uncomfortable shoes.

If the Spanish authorities decide that your shoes are not suitable for driving a vehicle, then most likely you will pay a fine of 200 euros.

But Spanish penalties are still flowers in comparison with English penalties. In the UK, the fine for driving in uncomfortable shoes can be as high as $6,500. In the United States, the amount varies by state – for example, in Virginia Beach, the fine is $2,500 and two years in prison. If you don’t have comfortable shoes at hand, and you urgently needed to drive, it’s better to take off your shoes completely – barefoot drivers will not be fined.

  1. Driving a car in the daytime with the headlights off.

In some areas of the USA, in Canada, as well as in the Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden and others, even during the day you need to turn on the lights on the road. The fact is that there is poor visibility on the roads due to weather conditions, so the included running lights reduce the risk of accidents by 15%.

  1. The manifestation of kindness and mercy.

In Florida, caring for others is a criminal offense. It is prohibited by law to feed the homeless.

But out of some people, kindness is rushing, despite all the laws. So, Arnold Abbott was arrested as many as 4 times, but did not leave volunteer activities, which he was engaged in until the age of 94.

  1. Wearing camouflage uniforms. In some countries, camouflage clothing is prohibited.

In Oman, from $130 to $5195, and on several islands in the Caribbean for this, imprisonment for a year or a fine of $10 thousand is imposed. Moreover, the color of the clothes does not matter if the print resembles camouflage.

  1. Flush the toilet at night in some homes in Switzerland.

If you settled in certain areas of Switzerland, then try to take a shower and flush in the toilet only from 6:00 to 22:00.

Also at night from loud laughter, elevated conversations and other sound manifestations that could interfere with your neighbors.

  1. Get drunk at a bar in Alaska.

That’s really an absurd law, because what else to do in a bar? In Alaska, alcohol is considered a serious problem, because people commit many crimes when they are drunk.

The local police specially arrange raids on bars to catch drunk residents.

No one will take you to the police station if after the second glass you become a little more fun than usual. But when a person cannot stand on his feet or shows aggression, then the law is already interfering in the situation.

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