Buying a business in the US is a transition to a new level of opportunity. The United States of America presents a free market to a business immigrant and the absence of pressure from the government. Every year more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) residents of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former Soviet Union immigrate to the States. Approximately 15–20% of immigrants receive a green card using business visas.

Immediately it is worth noting that it is NOT necessary to come to the United States on a tourist visa, stay there illegally, and then try to start a business from scratch. The American government stops all such attempts. Therefore, it is better to worry about getting a work visa or a business visa in advance.

Buying any business in the United States does not guarantee either a business visa or a residence permit.

There are a number of programs in the US that are designed for business immigration. Only 100% business compliance with these programs and gives the right to work visas and a green card.

How should start buying a business in America?

First of all, when buying a business, you must be completely confident in profitability. Our company’s specialists help prepare for the purchase of a business in the States, and can also take this business under management. We are interested in your business bringing as much profit as possible, because our earnings also depend on it.

To purchase a business, you need the following requirements:

-cleanliness of all legal issues (lease terms, licenses and other documents);

-transparency of financial indicators. For example, is there a component of cash in business;

-competitor analysis;

-other requirements that depend on the specifics of the case (complaints from customers and employees, lawsuits, return of goods, losses during shipment, the number of returns on cards (chargeback), credit history and lines of credit, contracts with suppliers, stocks of old and illiquid goods in stock etc.)

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