The United States of America is a very attractive country for business. And to open an account in the Bank of America can both physical and legal persons, regardless of their residence. Most popular US banks to open an account  are  Bank of America, Citi Bank, Chase Bank and Wells Fargo Bank.

These US banks offer Internet banking to customers, with which you can work with your account from anywhere in the world, while information about the availability of the account and the funds in the account will not be opened.

Working in the United States provides many opportunities, its economy is one of the strongest in the world, banks in the United States do not give out personal details of bank account holders and ideally protect their clients’ funds. The reputation of American banks is impeccable and provides new opportunities. And this makes America a very popular country for opening corporate and personal accounts.

Among the advantages of opening a corporate bank account are:

-protection of assets of your own company

– complete confidentiality

– strong and stable economy

To open an account in an American bank, you will need:

– Verification of the identity of the beneficiary through the provision of 2 relevant documents.

– Providing a postal address in one of the states of America (you can provide the address of one of the options: apartment, office, rented accommodation).

– Providing a phone number registered in the United States (possibly mobile).

– Documents on the company.

– Confirmation of the place of residence of the beneficiary.

Thanks to our company, you will receive expert advice, as well as full assistance in opening an account without a personal presence or with a personal presence.We will help you provide all the necessary documents, as well as prepare you for a personal visit if you choose this option.

Other documents may be required to open a personal account in the United States. We offer to open an account in the USA without personal presence. Our specialists will advise you and provide you with full support in the process of opening an account in the USA

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